Who We Are

Lets face it! We can’t live without our cell phones and mobile devices. Its chaos when these device breaks or the screen cracks and the only way to restore order in our lives is to fix or replace these cracked screens. But when these accidents happen one too many, it gets expensive. That’s when the “Pocket Hoodie” ideas came about. The front pocket was created out of necessity. We needed a pocket that's big enough to hold our worldly possessions. We also wanted the hoodie to look good, well made, and most importantly comfortable. So, the UK hoodie was conceived. 

Born in the Midwest. If there's one thing we do best, it's fight the cold. That's why our hoodies are designed to be warm, convenient and stylish. The front pocket is unique and bold. It's an expression, "I am here to help", free your hands, and just pocket it!

"Be a Kangster" is our motto. We like the meaning of the word "Kangster", which is what this brand is all about and what it promotes!

Kangster definition (noun): A person whose actions are devoted to define its life as meaningful, valuable and amazing to someone whom the person loves and never give up on them.

Urbankangster.com is an online retail store based in Minnesota, USA specializing in functional unisex hoodies.